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AGWBBS is a program that manages the messages that you have downloaded from your local BBS using AGWFWD.

The BBS List Window.
It looks like your Windows Explorer, on the left are the message folders. You can define a folder and then selecting it you have in the right pane those messages only. If you select the folder SatTv in the message pane you have only those messages about SatTv. As you can see you have unlimited options for searching and sorting the list. Pressing the header buttons you sort the list according to this topic. Pressing the right mouse button you have a popup menu etc. Now the program also has another pane ,the preview msg pane, here if a selected msg is also downloded is displayed.

The Send List Window.
You have the messages you sent. You can write a new message, send a message written with another program, you can send messages as 7plus with the click of a button and you can send messages in a special format. With this special format you can send as messages multimedia files and programs (Binary files). Its unique feature is that the recipient of the message will see it automatically when he will try to read it. If the message is a multimedia file composed with the word then the program will auto start the word. This program uses the AGWFWD.EXE for reading and sending the messages. The configuration is done from the properties and you have many options to set . That way the program behaves as you like.

Other languages than ENGLISH.
When you write a new msg and your language is other than English (mine is Greek) you may have the problem with the different character sets between windows and dos. Windows use the ANSI character set. You can convert the message automatically from the windows character set to that for dos. Such a way others (with dos programs) can read your messages. This is done also when you read messages with the supplied read editor program AGWEDIT.EXE. If you have that problem then select that read editor for received messages.

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