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News 10 Feb 2015

AGWTracker Windows Phone 8.1.
AGWTracker now available at Windows Phone store for free.First release. Missing messages and some other feautures.
Will be update soon.
Wait for Apple IOS version during this Year.

AGWUNDigi (C) version 2015 for WIN8.Fixed most of the problems.Added a new Tutorial in the zip.

Add a new software category.HAMShareWare means that if you can afford it pay for the program otherwise just use it.
All my programs can run without restractions if unregistered. So use it and if you can afford it pay.
AGWTracker Major Release.(C) version 2014.905

AGWTracker Major Release.

Fixed a problem with dates.Designe and print your own QSL card.QSO data can be from any logbook program that exports QSO in ADIF format.

Packet Engine Pro
Update.Various bug fixes.

AGW Packet Engine
Update.Various bug fixes.

New AGWQSLPrint.
Desing and print your own QSL card.QSO data can be from any logbook program that exports QSO in ADIF format.

New Dx News Calendar.
No need for Dx Bulletins or Dx newsLetters. All the information you need in a very easy to read format.

New Packet Engine Pro Release.New Improved Soundcard AFSK modems for HF/VHF.Added Kenwood new D72.Fixed Various Bugs

www.soundcardpacket.org. Ralph moved his wonderfull tutorial about AGW Packet Engine.

DxNetManager Update. No Need for Installation just run the Executable.Added ability to check QRZ to find a info about a station.

DxNetManager Update.Fixed a few bugs.

New Program for those on HF and VHF Nets.
Helps you organize your local Net. More Info...

AGWTracker New Release

AGW Packet Engine Update
Fixed a Problem with new SoundCards.

AGWTrackerPPC (Pocket PC) Update
Now can dial and connect correctly to GPRS or 3G cellular networks.
Added a second Filter definition for APRS Internet Servers for GPRS or 3G Cellular Networks.That way you can limit the traffic and charges!!!

AGWTracker Official Release
Added support for online OpenStreets Maps.

AGWTracker Official Release
DataBase support, user sybmol files,Garmin maps better support.

AGWTrackerPPC (Pocket PC) Update
It behaves well on devices with Large screens. Second Edition with more fixes. Now you can use an alternate Icon/symbols set. In the cab there is an alternate set. To change it go to File/Properties/Labels.

Packet Engine PPC Update.well thanks to Ross G6GVI.

AGWDxCluster Update Fixed various Bugs.

AGWDxCluster Official Release
New Program for DX Cluster Spots with Maps, propagation Lines etc. GUI like Offic3e 2007 with Ribbon Bars. Needs Windows XP and Vista.

AGWTrackerPPC (Pocket PC) Official Release
Fixed various Bugs.

  For Developers! A .NET Component for Packet Engine.
AgwpePort is a .NET component, modeled similar to the SerialPort component bundled with Visual Studio, used to facilitate TCP/IP communications with the AGWPE software written by George Rossopoulos (SV2AGW). AGWPE is widely accepted in the amateur radio packet software community and is a tool that provides a standard interface between packet radio software and associated hardware. (Bill WV7G)

NEW Vista VHF Propagation Gadget (Update)!
Fixed a problem with the Update Rate. Now works fine.

NEW Vista VHF Propagation Gadget
Actually are two gadgets. For Europe and North America. The display Aurora and Sporadic-e propagation using the dxrobot images.

AGWUNDigi Update
Fixed Various Bugs.
Added the Ability to specify Filters when connect to APRS Server.

AGWTracker Update
Fixed a problem with Greek, Bulgarian and Russian Language.

At Last www.sv2agw.com !
It was a difficult decision. I had the problem with existing applications that use the WEB, like "AGWTracker and Google Maps". But Here we are!!!

AGWTracker for PPC (Update)
Fixed Problems with VGA Screens. The Program was optimised for QVGA (240*320) screens only. On VGA was a perfect mess!!! Now works just fine on VGA.

AGWTracker (Update)
New AGWTracker. Vista Aware. Added Yahoo Maps, Polish Format Maps, Garmin Image maps. Added German and Swedish.

Packet Engine Pro (Update)
New Packet Engine Pro. Vista Aware. Better Support for USB to Serial Adapters (you can remove without crash). Other improvements and very smooth operation under WINXP and Vista.
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