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Packet Engine Pocket PC

 Windows Mobile 5 and more
Packet Engine For PocketPC (Windows Mobile 5 and more). It can be used with KISS TNCs only. For the moment there is no support for anything else. As far as i can know the only TNC with Bluetooth is mUSB 3.
If you press the Upper right [X] the programs becomes an Icon and works on the background.

Main monitor.

Serial Port selection dialog.

TNC Setup dialog

TNC Commands dialog

The program provides free unlimited trial period, but you will need to register and pay a fee of $28 USD if you find it useful.

You can register and pay by contacting BMT, a company that handles my registrations. You can register from {their web site} (there is also an internet registration link within the program) or by fax or by toll free telephone. You can pay with most credit cards or by money order, personal check, Euro check, and some other options.

After you register, I will send you a registration key to enter into the program 'Registration' screen. To ensure you receive your registration key as quickly as possible, please include the following info in the "Comments" section of your order form:

1. You Name.
2. Your Callsign
3. The "Key to Send" string that the program generates from the 'Registration' screen.
4. The way you wish to receive your registration number - specify you Email or Postal Address.
5. A phone number -- in case of a problem
1. You Name.
2. Your Callsign
3. The way you wish to receive your registration number (Email or Postal Address).
4. A phone number (in case of a problem)

How to Register.
Payment Methods.
This is a secure URL to Register Now online.

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