This program needs no other explanations because it is just a terminal program. The only difference is that it is multitasking. This means that you can have multiple connects and you can YAPP without restrictions. You can receive as many YAPPs as you wish simultaneously. If you have more than a RadioPort (You have more than a TNC) you can connect in any RadioPort. You can have also unlimited number of connections (about 100). Script Files. You can run at any time a script file with packet commands. Remote Control. Any station that connects you can remote the program if it has the remote Privilege. It can dir and receive a file from your disks etc. The AGWterminal has not a Help file. This isn't so big problem. You ask me about the remote control. Just enter from the properties menu and the remote dialog the callsigns. Each time someone wishes to remote receive files from you will type the "\REMOTE" command. If its call is in the list he will get remote access otherwise not. Everyone can send you a Yapp file. The program will receive the file. You don't have to do anything to receive a Yapp file. Just watch. You can also specify a file to send when someone connects you. Fill the proper dialog from the properties page. In this file write the follow ,if you wish. "Type \REMOTE for remote control". Then add anything else you wish. The file must be a valid text file (no word-processing file). You have the ability to use the program also as a telnet client for TCPIP connections.