DxCenter is what you need if you work HF/VHF Dx and much more. See some features below.

Real Database

DxCenter uses Real database. The benefits for you are that your data are in a database and so you are not restricted to use DxCenter to access them. The Database may be on the cloud so you can log from anywhere. Database allows multiple users to log concurrently from anywhere (Contests, DxPeditions).

DxCenter Database

Superb Cluster

You can have multiple Cluster Views opened with different parameters. Even more you can get dxcluster data from multiple telnet connections and/or Packet. You can define each Cluster View to diplay dxspots the way you wish. You can specify how to inform you if the program runs in the backgound, speech or message on the status bar just like skype or outlook.

DxCenter cluster

You can even specify calls (with wild cards) or countries to search for and inform you.

DxCenter cluster


You can see where the stations are and how communicates with whom.

DxCenter earth map

DxCenter cluster

QSO log

The Log form is in collapsible panel and gets data from your transceiver. The Panel can on the left/right or bottom side of the window. You can even drag it outside the program where is comfortable for you.
The form is designed to help you enter QSOs fast.
The Form fetches data from QRZ.com and/or QTH.com

DxCenter QSo panel