Packet Engine can be used as the Packet Driver for Packet Programs. Its ability to serve many programs at the same time makes it the right choice for you. You can run up to 100 different packet programs simultaneously. Here is a small List of 3rd party Packet Applications to start with.

Program Description
DXLink DX Cluster program.
javAPRS java APRS Server by AE5PL.
cartesurtable French APRS program.
WinTNC ver 1.01 Terminal Packet Program...
AR-Cluster (Dx cluster Server) DXCluster server (The original!)
Serial LoopBack Interface Create a virtual Serial Port to feed legacy Packet Programs.
FLY Logging/DXCluster/Packet.
TelPack TELnet PACket bridge that interfaces packet to a Winlink 2000 BBS Telnet server .
WinPacket Excellent General purpose Packet Terminal. Auto Messages Downloading from BBS. Too many servers to mention here (Html etc).
OziAPRS APRS for OziExplorer.
TF2AGW,Digiplex and more. NODE, Programs, Utilities and Documentation by Pedro LU7DID.
WinStop New Packet Programs from G4WFT(well known Packet author). Too many features to mention here.
WinAPRS The famous WinAPRS.
UI-View APRS Program.
RXCluster DX Cluster receiving Program. No need to connect to Cluster.
Logger Interface Utility that lets you use Packet Engine with Logger.
UIView add-ons M0CYP UI-View Web Resource.
ContattiRadio Ham Logger Italian Logging Program .
Jnos 2.0 'ax25/ip router, node, bbs, internet gateway, aprs, and more.