It is a special Windows utility for amateur radio packet users that interfaces multiple packet programs and multiple TNCs (Terminal Node Controllers) / modems.
  • lets one TNC be used by more than one packet program
  • lets one packet program use more than one TNC
  • lets your sound card be used as a physical TNC or modem -- no need to buy a TNC
  • has an optional 'TCP/IP Over Radio' feature that lets you send TCP/IP data sentences via packet to internet gateways (WINXP Only)
  • Versions for Windows and Mac.
Packet Engine Pro will only work with packet programs that have been written to take advantage of AGWPE but there are many, including terminal, DX cluster, APRS, and digipeater programs. Packet Engine Pro requires a $49 USD fee after a free 30 day trial, but it includes many features, including some that are not and will not be found in the basic AGWPE.

New HF 300b Packet Modem

Key features of Packet Engine Pro
  • An easy-to-use visual interface including:
    • A 'Radio Port Manager' to quickly see and adjust settings for your TNC or sound card
    • Numerous 'Views' to quickly see Radio port status; Connected packet stations; Connected programs;and 'Heard' stations.
    • A TNC/Sound Card setup 'Wizard' to simplify radio port configurations, including "auto detect and set" of serial ports and sound cards.
  • Compatibility with most TNCs and packet modems, both external and internal
  • Provision for auto control of TNC settings such as MaxFrame, Retries, SlotTime/Persist.
  • access to Packet Engine Pro over the internet or a local area network.
  • Sound Card modem features that include:
    • "On Air" baud rates of 300, 1200, 2400, and 9600.
    • 300 baud HF modem compatibility for both KAM (1600/1800 pair tones) and PK-232 (2110/2310 pair tone).
    • a Sound Card Tuning Aid with Sine Wave, Waterfall, Eye Scatter, and Frequency Spectrum displays.
    • provision for using multiple sound cards (lets you add 2nd card for packet while 1st card works with non-packet programs).
    • provision for connecting 2 radios to each sound card.
    • PTT (transmit) control by either serial port or printer port.
    • an improved Sound Card DSP modem that 'hears' even better than AGWPE.
    • a sound card timing 'Equalization' feature to let you tune your particular Sound Card for even better performance.
    • input and output volume control from within the program.
  • Improvements over AGWPE in internal program structure -- uses less processor resources for even smoother operation
  • Auto loading of packet applications after Packet Engine Pro starts
  • Improved and expanded 'Help' files
  • An 'auto update' feature that checks for and installs program updates

Registration and Fees

The program provides a free 30 day trial period, but you will need to register and pay a fee of $49 USD for the program to continue running after the 30 day trial. With each new version unregistered copies will run for another 30 day trial period. You can register and pay by contacting BMT, a company that handles my registrations. You can register from their web site (there is also an internet registration link within the program) or by fax or by toll free telephone. You can pay with most credit cards or by money order, personal check, Euro check, and some other options. After you register, I will send you a registration key to enter into the program 'Registration' screen. To ensure you receive your registration key as quickly as possible, please include the following info in the "Comments" section of your order form:

  1. You Name.
  2. Your Callsign
  3. The "Key to Send" string that the program generates from the 'Registration' screen.
  4. The way you wish to receive your registration number - specify you Email or Postal Address.
  5. A phone number -- in case of a problem