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Based on SV2AGW.com experience & own technology, we introduce the IT Solution Department. Using a big scale of various technologies, such as Windows .NET Development, XML, AJAX, ASPX, SQL Server, Windows Drivers the entire department is focused on supplying accurate solutions & services for you and your company, giving you the advantage in facing the challenge.

SV2AGW.com approach to application delivery enables IT to become a more effective partner to your business by continuously aligning and managing application delivery projects with expected business outcomes. SVAGW.com can quickly built, customize and deploy high-powered applications driven by business needs.

Hardware Solutions
We can interface any Hardware to Windows. Even Developing windows drivers. We are Specialized to ARM and PIC devices. We can design the hardware for you.

Fleet Management Solutions
Fleet Management was never so easy. We support GSM/GPRS, TETRA or VHF/UHF. Manage your fleet not just in Greece but all over the world.

Database Solutions
We can develop N-Tier and client server Database applications. Using any Database Oracle, MSSQL Server etc. Organize your Business with software developed for your needs. Make it easier for your team to do business with your customers and partners. Ensure that your company operates at maximum efficiency. Your Company data is one of its most important assets ,organize them.

Internet Solutions
We can Develop Enterprise solutions for you. Using latest Web Technologies. Operate your application from anywhere in the World. Creating business value by leveraging technology and software applications is critical to competing in today's environment.

SmartPhones and PDA Solutions
We can develop Applications for Smart Phones and PocketPC. Applications that can work as part of an Enterprise system. While mobile use the same Applications as at office, collaborate with your team with no effort, Have in hand all the necessary information.

GSM/GPRS Solutions
We can develop applications for any GSM module. We specialized to Wavecom modules. Get Information from remote sites easily. Interface and get telemetry from anywhere. Remote control your devices wherever they are.
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